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13 / 07 / 2015

Keys to make your online store profitable

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Online stores: Tips for selling online (3)
In our two previous articles we explained some factors that influence on the sales of our online business. Today we offer you the third chapter:

11. Social Media

Most of our potential audience use social media every day. It is therefore logical that our brand wants to be present where our audience is. A good strategy will allow us to reach thousands of people within a few hours, along with other more direct communication channels.

It is therefore essential not to improvise. We need to develop a good social media strategy, an analytical tool that lets you decide where it's necessary to create a profile, the objectives for each channel, the creation and consolidation of an active community, establish a schedule of work and publications, analytical tools for measuring results, and so on. We have to look for quality fans, to turn into leads and eventually customers. 

12. Take care of your online reputation

Some companies work hard to communicate well online, but they neglect what the people say about them on the net. A post on a blog, a comment on a forum, a Tweet, or any other web publishing about us not may have a key effect on our online reputation, and also in our visits and sales. That is why we must be aware of online comments about your company. Tools like Google Alerts or Social Mention can help us to achieve it.

13. User comments

Read the comments from other customers is quite normal before a consumer decides to buy a product in your online store or not. And the user may see comments about us out of our website, but he may also see the comments in our own e-commerce. Enable comments on my site is also an element that involves transparency and horizontality with customers. You could enable comments in your own store or through an outside platform (as eKomi or others). We recommend the second option, because the consumer knows for sure that 100% of the comments are real, and not written by ourselves.

14. SEM (paid ads)

Paying ads can help us to increase our visibility in the network, and more sales. Social media like Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter have complete tools and increasingly enhance and improve them. The giant Google advertising system (Google Adwords) must also be considered. In either case, the most crucial is to think well before what we want to achieve, then choose the best channel for that objective and deploy a campaign specifically designed for it. Otherwise we can pull thousands of euros.

15. Advertisements on other websites and blogs

Advertise on web sites which our target visits frequently is a good strategy to encourage sales of e-commerce. To do this, before disbursing one euro, you need to identify which sites are the most interesting for your site: study well the search volume, the quality of their visits, which user profile they have, prices...

Thanks for reading. In the next article we will develop more tips for online stores. See you soon!

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