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20 / 07 / 2015

Online stores: Tips for selling online (4)

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Online stores: Tips for selling online (4)
In our three previous articles will we explained some factors that influence sales of your online business. Today we offer you the fourth installment:

16. Confidence and security in the purchase

Confidence and security in the purchase process are the most important factors in the decision to buy in an online store. Some the important facts are: the brand, comments from other customers, ecommerce security, online trust verifications, and so on. It is important that the user perceives our site as a serious web, that the data he gives will be safe, that he will receive the order without problems...

17. The shipping policy and warranties

Many users do not study it before buying, but anyway we have to think and write this areas very well, or we will create big problems in the future. It is mandatory to have our shipping policy in our web, and msut be in a visible place of our store. It is important to write the conditions very clear, and ensure that our conditions are in accordance with the law.

18. Free shipping

It is a strategy that continues to deliver good results in regard to sales, no doubt. It is something that is particularly recommended with the launch of the store, and if it's possible for you  we recommend mantain it (although you have to put a minimum order). A complementary strategy that can be very useful in certain sectors is to offer free shipping of samples, such as online we done with the parquet store Goodbuyfloors we have developed.

19. Advising via chat

The online advisor through chat is becoming an essential and highly recommended service to install in the online stores. This tool can help us to finish sales for customers a little unsure or uninformed. If you have a person with business profile and availability a few hours daily, we'd recommend it 100%. Note that a complete tool will have an small cost, from 15 € a month, as Zopim.

20. Offers, contests and promotions

They are the oldest trade strategy and continue to be effective, when they are correctly designed. First of all we recommend you to study which products are more consumed at certain times of the year, to draw a quarterly strategy, and always promote the products of its particular season.

For the contests, the social media are a great place to do them, and Facebook is still the king, through platforms such as Easypromos. They are a good tool to gain visibility and leads, but not you use thinking about immediate sales because it won't work.

We hope you have found useful these tips. In the next article we will develop more tips for online shopping. See you soon!

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