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27 / 07 / 2015

Online stores: Tips for selling online (5)

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Online stores: Tips for selling online (5)
In our four previous articles will we write about some factors that influence the sales of an online store. Today we offer you the fifth chapter!

21. Payment

This is a difficult decision, because we have to look at different elements: 1) the client's vision, who wants to offer more variety of payment methods. Limiting the payment methods can make us lose a customer; 2) costs and economic management of each option. Considering these factors, choose the best option for your business. We generally do not recommend the bank transfer or cash on delivery, because they are slow systems that generate a lot of insecurities and management difficulties with the stock management while the sale is not completed. That's why we recommend the installation of a POS with your bank (if offers good conditions), and supplement it with payment by Paypal, which is a system valued by many users for its security and speed for payment (before study the Paypal commissions). An example of a web where we have recently incorporated these options is persianas-ariol.com, a website dedicated to sell and install blinds, specially Somfy blinds. 

22. Abandoned Baskets

It is essential to have a protocol for what to do with the abandoned baskets. Here are some recommendations:

Avoid surprises on the products price. If the user makes the whole process with a price and at the moment to pay appear taxes and other unexpected costs, he can easily abandon the purchase. To avoid this, be transparent and indicate the final price of the products from the beginning.

Simplify the purchasing process. Having fewer and simpler steps gives you more probabilities to complete a purchase.

Offer various payment and shipping systems. As already discussed, flexibility in payment methods will reduce abandoned shipping baskets.

Easy access to the shopping basket. Many users get lost to find some products or to see clear which products have been added to the basket. A tip: look at how they do it the main e-commerce like Amazon or Ebay.

Online Chat Support: As mentioned in the previous article, the chat service helps to guide visitors to the sale.

Purchase without registration: If instead force them to sign up to all our customers, we will be leaving out a type of client that does want not register in our store.

We hope you have found useful these reflections. In the next article we will explain even more tips for online shops. See you soon!

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