Some of our most modern web designs of 2016
Updated: 03 / 01 / 2022

Some of our most modern web designs of 2016

Iván Cuéllar web designer
Iván Cuellar
Web designer
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During the past year, we were contracted by many customers asking for modern and contemporary web designs that would adapt to all devices, both mobile and tablets, and with the main objective of achieving conversions, either through a contact form, make reservations online, or just make a purchase.

Why do they come to LA TEVA WEB?

We have more than 12 years in the world of online marketing, web design and SEO and we are experts in creating web designs, where we implement the latest trends and technologies. We involve ourselves in all the process, and in addition, we like to listen to our customers in order to meet their needs. However, we have to bear in mind that customers are not always right, therefore, we always try to convince them to conduct a study and analyze the market prior to start the web design process. Following this, we can implement a perfect design according to the needs of the target of our client, at the same that defining a proper communication for our client.

Here we show you some of the websites that we have launched for our clients in previous year:

1.- Retocfotoretoque de fotos: Website for a company in Barcelona dedicated to photo edition and design. We have launched a website that allows users, either company or individual, to send their images through a form and receive them later perfectly retouched. We have decided a web design that plays with Retocfoto’s corporate colors such as turquoise, gray and orange and icons that convey a modern and simple global corporate image, since you want to highlight the photography, the star product of Retocfoto. In addition, state-of-the-art web design technology has been used, such as a photo pin to view the original photo and retouched photo, this allows the user to get an idea of how their edited photos would look.

retoque fotográfico online de Barcelona
2.- V3rtice:
We have designed a fashionable responsive web design for the advertising agency of Barcelona V3rtice. We have worked in an innovative web design that uses large pictures and includes some of the more popular techniques in 2016 such as the use of menu burger menu, as well as a full width image at the home. In addition, we wanted to highlight the most important communication and publicity projects of this advertising agency of Barcelona.

agencia de comunicación en Barcelona

3.- The End Chik: Ecommerce for the entrepreneur Cris. She is a well-known designer of fashion jewelry made with precious and semi-precious stones. We have launched an ecommerce or online store with an elegant, fashionable and sophisticated design mainly addressed to US middle-upper class clients. Web design uses black and white colors so as to highlight the color of the stones of the jewels. In addition, the ecommerce allows customers to ask for 100% customized jewelry.

Joyas de moda de Barcelona

We hope that you liked the final result as much as our customers did.

Iván Cuéllar web designer
About the author
Iván Cuellar — Web designer
With countless designs made at La Teva Web, I'm not just looking to make "beautiful" websites. We always provide our clients' projects with a vision focused on their needs and the user's. Without neglecting web design trends, which evolve every year.

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