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17 / 12 / 2013

Profile of the Spanish online buyer

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Profile of the Spanish online buyer
The type of online shopper Spain has changed in recent years. According to the 2013 Survey of Online Shoppers conducted by Ipsos, 52% of Spanish online consumers are men and 48% women. 88% of consumers connect to the Internet more than once a day and preferably from home, however 47% do it too often from work.

With regard to the frequency of purchase, 70% of buyers in online stores have made more than 4 purchases in the last six months and only 30% can be considered occasional shoppers making less than 3 purchases.

As regards devices, most prefer to use the computer or pc in 95.3% of cases, 20.2% also purchase through mobile phone and 12.8% through Tablets.

Main motivations for the purchase for the first time in an online store or website are: good prices in 52% of cases, 38% due to comfort and
 26% due to the availabilty of  the product.

Main motivations to buy again in an online store are satisfaction with the first purchase in 34% of the cases, followed by good prices with 33% and in 29% of cases due to the ease of use of a website or online store the consumer already known.

Finally, 87.9% of online consumers are satisfied with the shopping experience and only 12.1% are not. The reasons for dissatisfaction have not changed much, 56.6% of cases is due to the product itself, 50.8% of shipments, 33.6% of the additional costs and 14.2% due the return policies of online stores.

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