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15 / 10 / 2013

Web Redesign. Jhuertas’ Website

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Web Redesign. Jhuertas’ Website
Joaquim Vived Huertas is a company that combines asset management and real estate services. It is a family company operating in Barcelona city.

7 years ago we published the very first website for the company, since then the world of web design and web programming has changed substantially.

We have just released the new website of the company that incorporates a brand new design, very much in line with the growth of the company. We have also incorporated new features and the website is now fully managed by the company through a back office. The backoffice is programmed with PHP and MySql databases and we have implemented drag & drop technology for making much easier its use.

In terms of web design we have developed a new modern design that fills the screen and pays special importance to the use of fonts and the use of more modern and pleasant colours.

he new web design and new content organization also takes advantage of the experience gained in last seven years and gives more importance to the properties and usability of the web at the expense of corporate information.

Finally we have developed a friendly web design for phones and tablets.

Go to jhuertas.com

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