15 / 04 / 2014

Responsive web design Hexotics

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Responsive web design Hexotics
Hexotics  is a web portal that provides information related to the world of luxury  cars. The idea behind the portal is conceptually very simple: it is a compilation of images and news that link to third websites where the content is developed.

The website focuses internationally and has a very unique design that gives all the importance to the web content. That’s why web design is minimalist and focuses the user's view on the pictures of the luxury cars.

In terms of web design, it has given special importance to responsive web design that allows the contents of the website to fit depending on the device where it is displayed. Accordingly, we get a different web in a mobile, a tablet or a desktop computer. This is especially important in a project in which it is detected that most users access to the web page through tablet and mobile phone.

As regards online marketing, Hexotics focuses on two key channels: Facebook and Instagram. So Facebook has over 1000 followers and reach 25,000 Instagram followers. These two social networks are also an important source of content for the website. Pinterest and Twitter would be the other two online marketing channels used by the company.

Finally, the web or seo positioning is the last leg of online marketing. For this project, we are especially working on the content itself, rather than a series of certain key words.
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