02 / 06 / 2014

Right to forget on Google

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Right to forget on Google
The European Court ruled 15 days ago for those applicants who wished to remove content about themselves from Google searches. Google has finally taken the step to facilitate this. It is what is called the right to forget.

The right to be forgotten is a complex issue, because it must coexist the right to information and respect for people. For example, now if you search in Google the word “Biescas” you will notice among the very first result, that the flood that cost so many lives 17 years ago. Biescas’ citizens probably do not want to see these results whenever they look for something related to their town, but is also part of the story.

Google has launched only for citizens of the European Union a form where you can request to remove certain links. The process, however, will not be automatic because Google has created a kind of court with reputable people to rate each case individually in order to be a balance between the right to privacy and the right to information. According to the European Court, to delete these data, it has to be considered irrelevant and not have the public interest. This right is limited only to persons and companies seem to be unable to appeal.

Google has already enabled a form and in a short time it has received over 12,000 applications. If you want to fill the form, you have to include the full name of the person you want to remove links and details thereof and the reasons why contents are not relevant or are outdated.

It seems that the links will be removed only in European countries and these results will continue being available, for instance, from the United States through

Other search engines like Bing will have to do the same in the coming days.
Francesc Sánchez
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