SEO and web design for 4x4 Pasión

Web design for an online magazine about off-road cars. The project includes the web design, SEO and online marketing for the online magazine.

4x4 passion website

Welcome lovers of the world of the SUV

With the launch of this online magazine, fans of off-road cars will enjoy a brand new design of the online leading off-road magazine in Spain where to find current and accurate information offered by a professional group of journalists.

We have simplify the structure of prior online magazine, making easier for users to access to the information. We have combined sections and give more importance to opinion articles, providing a higher value-added to readers.

As regards web design, we are offering a more fashionable and dynamic layout where the use of large pictures is very important. The choice of colors, mainly orange and black, provides the web design with an extra  strength and dynamism that remind the visitor about dessert scenes.

Being an online magazine, the website is obviously web responsive as we have seen that there is a relevant percentage of people that uses mobile to access to the website.

As regards online marketing, we are focusing now in SEO, we have achieved the very first position in Google for revista 4x4 and we are now broading the range of keywords.

If you like the smell of gasoline and the noise of the engines, you will enjoy 4x4 Passion online magazine.

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