SEO and web design for Retocfoto Barcelona
Updated: 04 / 04 / 2022

SEO and web design for Retocfoto

Iván Cuéllar web designer
Iván Cuellar
Web designer
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Retocfoto is an online photo edit website that is aimed at individuals and companies. The whole process is online, allowing customers to send their photographs through a form at the website. A couple of days later, the client got back his edited photos.

Most of the customers of Retocfoto are individuals who want to edit their pictures online, without moving from home, and at a very reasonable price. Most popular services offered by Retocfoto include from elements removal to color improvement. However, the company has also a percentage of clients who are professionals or companies, mainly startups and ecommerces.

The web design of the page is based on the use of color as a way of differentiating the type of customer to which it is addressed. Thus the turquoise is used for individuals and the orange for companies. The idea came from the logo of our client, which combines both colors in a modern way. As regards to web design we have also focused in the use of large pictures showing the same photo before and after photo edit with the superposition of these photographs.  This technique provides the website with an original element that brings a certain degree of sophistication to the web page.

The website is also responsive and it is very easy to use for customers. Following this, with just a couple of clicks you can send us directly from your mobile phone or tablet, the photos of your reel.

Regarding online marketing, we will focus on two main channels: local SEO and social media. We have conducted a keyword research so as to confirm what we assumed, that there is a large market for online photo edit. We will work keywords such as retoque de fotos online or retoque fotográfico online.

In order to speed up the search engine optimization process, the website includes a section of testimonials, examples and, above all, advices to photographers and designers, which will allow us to prove the quality of Retocfoto, improve its online reputation and generate a large amount of content that will help us to boost the seo of the website. As regards social media, we will focus in Google+ and Facebook in order to get to those potential clients who would hire us but who still do not know us.

We are pretty sure that Retocfoto will grow rapidly and will incorporate new more advanced features that will improve the user experience in the short term.

Iván Cuéllar web designer
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