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The directory of Spanish companies

Mi Buscador de Negocios is a marketing company dedicated to the promotion of local business through online marketing strategies. The company has hired LA TEVA WEB for the carry on the SEO of its main web page: Mi Buscador de Negocios.

Exceptionally we include this SEO campaign in our portfolio due to the high complexity of the project. Being a business directory, we are competing with many other websites. Being a sector with a lot of competition, we will have to focus on major keywords such as directorio de empresas and directorio de empresas españolas

because competing with companies offering just one service is a very ardous task. A second added difficulty was that the website was not ready for the SEO and we have reprogrammed a lot of code in order to make this a google friendly website. This leads to a first reflection that we share: before launching a web project is very important to assess whether we want to work the SEO of it, now or in the future. Because if we said no and later we want to carry on with seo, we will have problems.

But beyond the problem, as we like challenges we accepted the project. At Mi Buscador de Negocios, companies can buy three different marketing packs: basic, premium pack and online marketing full pack.

Before launching an SEO campaign we did a market research in order to choose which keywords we will work and we ended with a small number of keywords: directorio de empresas and directorio de empresas españolasWe have implemented improvements in the technical aspects of the web, a reorientation of the meta tags of the web page, designed an strategy for blog posting and attracting quality links.

After making the most structural tasks, SEO strategy requires constant updating and, above all, patience until the desired results are achieved.
Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
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