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How do we optimize SEO on a website where we do not control the content? We explain how we have developed an SEO strategy for the PlatformsIntelligence website.
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There are projects in which we have total control of all aspects of SEO: strategy, content, links and technical optimization. But in most cases, we work with other professionals who also edit the website: developers, editors, analysts ... And we need all of them to collaborate, to a lesser or greater degree, with our SEO strategy.

The PlatformsIntelligence website offers all kinds of informative content related to the online platforms sector , such as food delivery apps or ride-sharing apps. It is a reference website, with detailed information on legislation, policies or economics, in which several editors participate. How do we get the content they write to have SEO value?

SEO and the editorial team

News, articles, reports and other informative pieces of content are published daily on PlatformsIntelligence. The editorial team is in charge of choosing these topics, which is influenced by how the sector itself evolves around the world.

In this scenario, we can't do a traditional keyword study to come up with new topics to post about. Why? Because the keywords and search intentions that we detect with SEO tools show data from the past. At the earliest, we would detect possible topics on which to publish a month after users starting using them on search engines.

How can SEO contribute then to the content strategy? Some of the points on which we can influence or contribute to improve organic positioning are:

  • Optimization of published content: once an article is published, we can review its Title, Meta-Description or URL fields.
  • Internal linking: if we detect content with higher SEO value, we can improve its internal link profile.
  • Categorizations: if we have several articles on a topic, we can group them into categories or article lists. And in these new URLs work with more general keywords.
  • Proposal of general and cyclical themes: although as SEOs we cannot foresee the future, we are capable of detecting search trends in a sector. On the one hand, we will usually find more general and timeless searches that group a topic. On the other hand, there are queries that require up-to-date information. For example, the legislation for food delivery apps in a country can evolve every year. Searches on this topic will normally be accompanied by the year itself (“ride sharing laws 2021”). Knowing this, we can propose to the editorial team that each year they prepare updated content on this topic.

Technical SEO in a informative content website

Due to the dynamics of creating new content in PlatformsIntelligence, new URLs appear every day: articles, categories, tags, reports ... Each of them includes its own content or a list of articles.

On a website that changes every day, it is necessary to carry out technical SEO audits on a regular basis to help us detect aspects to improve in this new content. We will find unnecessary tags, errors in the HTML code, URL changes and many other points that will require our attention.

This is just a small summary of some of the aspects that we cover with the SEO optimization at PlatformsIntelligence. We will continue working on the project to improve its organic positioning. If you have a similar project, from our SEO agency in Barcelona we can help you have more organic visits that make your business grow.

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