SEO Strategy for Smalletec
Updated: 18 / 07 / 2022

SEO Strategy for Smalletec

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Today we want to talk about a very ecological web project, Smalletec is a company that develops new methods of making the most out renewable and sustainable energy sources to address energy supply shortages of off-grid devices. A while ago we developed web design and web programming. From now on, it will establish an online marketing strategy and seo to get good positions in Google.

To achieve the main objective, we have worked all the website to optimize it to the fullest with the keywords related to the renewable energy sector. There are many tools that help you to know which are the most demanded words and, consequently, those that obtain a greater volume of monthly searches. Once the market has been analyzed and studied, the words to be worked on the website have been defined. Some of these concepts are: cage aquaculture, odas buoys, data buoys, mariculture, smalle technologies...

Once we have the study done and we know the words, the next step is to work all pages, sections, categories... Of the website, work goals (titles, description ....), optimize all content with words that we want to position, make friendly urls, images also have to be optimized with alt text and title... If done correctly we will have much of the optimized website. The next step is through the blog are creating articles related to the words we want to position, in addition, expand the content of products, technology...

The communication of the website is in Spanish and English, making the main language is English because the client is interested in reaching an international audience.

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SEO expert Barcelona
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