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Web Design with Wordpress and SEO for Boriana Valentinova

New project with wordpress for Boriana Valentinova and SEO positioning
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Web Design with Wordpress and SEO for Boriana Valentinova
Boriana Valentinova, change manager, data analyst and motivational coach, ability to transform big problems into small ones, simplify and get results. 

Web ready with Wordpress, with the intention of being close, personal and dynamic. The web created is a clear and clean web with a simple design playing with photos and grey backgrounds that brings dynamism to the website. The typography used for the headlines is "Over the Rainbow", also the same as the brand. For the texts we have opted for Roboto, which looks great for the website. As for the colours, we have opted for the classics, Black and White with a pink tone for the hover.

When the website is ready, the marketing team will carry out the SEO positioning for Boriana. 

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