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The End Chik: web design, online shop and International SEO in USA

Web Design and International SEO for the USA for the online shop fashion jewelry The End Chik

Design and elegance in high jewelry

The website The End Chik is an online shop specializing in the manufacture of fashion jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones for both women and men, as well as creating and personalizing jewelry.

In the online shop we can find several types of products, from bracelets to necklaces with precious and semi-precious stones.

Why type of web design has been decided for The End Chik?

The End Chik, manufactures chic and fashionable jewelry, for that reason, the design for the web had to continue with the same philosophy. For this, the colors have been used black and white, synonyms of elegance and sophistication, but at the same time, has been playing with the colors of gems and semiprecious jewels.

The client not only makes jewelry for women, but also makes jewelry for men, so a specific section has been created for each. In addition, there are packs for special occasions, such as a gift for a family member or loved one. Another important point that the client wanted to emphasize was that they can manufacture 100% personalized jewelry, in this way, the user obtains a unique and unequaled jewel.

As we have said at the beginning, The End Chik is an online shop so if a user likes a jewel you can buy it without any problem.

The main target is in USA, so the web is designed in 2 languages, in English and Spanish, making English the main one.

In addition, the client has been created the section "blog" so that he can write everything related to the world of jewelry.

The online marketing strategy designed for The End Chik

At the online marketing level, there has been an International SEO in the United States since the main target audience of The End Chik is there. That is why a strategy of keywords has been considered and studied to have a good optimization and get positioned in Google USA and Google Spain. or Google USA have worked the concepts: fashion jewelry, necklaces, bracelets and men's jewelry.

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