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Unictransfers is a company specialized in the transfer to the airport of Barcelona or Madrid. For them, a current and modern 3.0 webpage has been designed and programmed. In addition, we prepared an online marketing strategy to achieve a good search engine positions and, at the same time, we will advertise online or SEM.

The team of designers of LA TEVA WEB has thought of a website that conveys confidence and security, therefore, have opted for the colors blue and white. The shades of blue are used mainly for CTAs and titles, while white has prominence in the background. In addition, we have chosen fullwidth photographs of people related to the type of business, they are traveling or simply in the car.

The structure of the website is divided into: booking, how the platform works, promotions, destinations and airports, and the contact form. For the booking page, it has been programmed in such a way that it works just like when booking a hotel or a flight, chossing a date of entry and exit, a timetable, place of departure as well as arrival. To make it possible, a hundred functionalities and possible combinations have been created. 

To solve all the doubts that can arise to the user while browsing the web page, a FAQ page has been created, so from the same page you can consult all the questions, but if you still have any doubts, a contact form is provided and a contact phone.

At the online marketing level, as we have already mentioned at the beginning, we will work on organic positioning with key words such as Madrid airport transfer or Barcelona airport transfer, as well as SEM campaigns with Google Adwords to publicize the brand.
Eduardo Jiménez, web developer
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