20 / 06 / 2016

Vila Hermanos launches new websites in the UK and France

Vila Hermanos launches new websites in the UK and France
Vila Hermanos is a chandlery dedicated to the manufacture of decorative candles and scented candles for businesses and individuals since 1884. All these years of history have provided the company with a top position within the premium market for luxury decorative candles, allowing the company to work at a corporate level for large companies and brands.

Vila Hermanos has relied on LA TEVA WEB for a long time both for the design of their websites, as well as their whole online marketing strategy, either at the level of social media marketing, SEO and online reputation of their brands.

The international focus of the company has made its scented candles to enter the same White House, Vilahermanos' website is offered in a wide range of languages, including Korean and Japanese, and the company now wants to give a big boost in two strategic markets: the United Kingdom and France. In order to enter these two markets, we have launched two brand new websites for these markets and we have decided to detach English and French from the original web to create a website in each country.

In order to strengthen the seo and achieve better serps, we have bought two country code top-level domains (ccTLD): and, which is the best option to tell Google that we are now targetting these two countries. We have also hosted the two websites in two independent hostings. We have conducted a study of keywords in both countries to find out what keywords people are using and we have reached interesting conclusions. We will start carrying all seo in UK for keywords such as scented candles while in France we will prioritize bougies parfumées. We have also generated content specific to each country to enable us to make a more local approach.
Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
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