15 / 04 / 2015

Web Design 4x4 pasión

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Web Design 4x4 pasión
LA TEVA WEB introduces you the brand new web design for the cars 4x4 passion online magazine. It is a magazine focused on the SUV niche that has been a pioneer in its field, passion 4x4 offers to its readers the most current and contrasted content about 4x4 cars with exclusive news reports and lots of updated information. The premium content is gathered by a team living the world of 4x4 passionately.

The project included two lines of work. First line includes a new organization of content along with a new layout or web design and the other line of work will focus on the online marketing strategy for the online magazine, particularly in the field of SEO.

Regarding the restructuring of the website we have tried to group paragraphs with related information to simplify the navigation tree and highlight the most important section: opinion.

As for the new web design we have focused in offering a fashionable and colorful layout to convey the strength and energy of a project that smell to gasoline and tires. The web design includes a 100% web responsive design.

As regards online marketing, the project will focus on social media and SEO. The goal is to get the best results for searches such as revista 4x4.

If you are a fan of motorsport and you love the smell of gasoline and engine noise you cannot miss 4x4 passion online magazine!
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