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08 / 07 / 2014

Web design and marketing online for Agusta students residence

Web design and marketing online for Agusta students residence
We have carried on the web design and SEO for Augusta Residence, a student residence in Barcelona located in the city center a few minutes from Plaza Catalunya. Besides the location, the residence offers single rooms, double rooms and rooms for short stays to students and travelers.

We can say that this site presents some difficulty as we will target two completely opposite targets. On the one hand, we have students who will reside in the rooms but we also have the parents of these students. Accordingly, we have chosen a young and fashionable web design but, in turn, with a touch of sobriety to encompass both audiences. To achieve a broader, international audience, the website is translated in four languages (English, French, Castilian and Catalan). Each has its SEO optimized.

In terms of content, the website features the characteristics of each room prices and extensive form to apply for a place at the residence or enjoy a short stay in the city.

We are conducting online marketing and SEO using keywords student residence Barcelona and short stays in Barcelona. Eventually this process will position us in the first pages in the major search engines such as Google.

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