15 / 06 / 2015

Web design and online marketing for Ingedan

Web design and online marketing for Ingedan
We present you our latest web design project published, in this case the site for a Barcelona company specializing in energy certification and environmental engineering.

About the web design, a first element to consider is that the logo was given by the customer, and as we explained in our blog, this affects the process of developing a web design. Taking the features of the logo (gray and blue colors on white background, and the condensed typeface, geometric sans serif), we have developed a web design accordingly. We observed a background that combines the soft gray and white, transmitting clean and seriousness. The overlapping elements are blue (technology) and green (nature and ecology). The different sections of the website are based on an iconographic game that helps to identify the elements.

Regarding web programming, we have built a web thinking on the usability and Google. The web user will reach an easy navigation, and also a correct hierarchy of information is provided. Moreover, the web was developed with responsive system, which facilitates the user to easily navigate through with any device. All the technology and techniques applied to web optimization are intended to build a Google friendly site, a fact that will help us significantly to SEO. The website consists of 5 sections: the home page, where we shows to the user the most important information; a section of company presentation (objectives, philosophy, etc); a statement of each of the services offered; a news section, and a contact form.

For this web project we also have developped an online marketing strategy that rests solidly on the work of SEO positioning will perform. For this, besides the technical elements already described, we studied keywords such as certificación energética or ingeniería medioambiental.

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
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Bruno Díaz
Marketing Manager at La Teva Web. I often translate between programmers, clients, users and Google

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