Web design and online marketing for Psiquiatría Barcelona

Website design for psychiatry center in Barcelona. As regards online marketing we will focus on SEO.
Website psiquiatria Barcelona

Treat, guide and assist people with mental health problems

Psiquiatría Barcelona is the website of the center of psychiatry of Dr. Luis Miguel Martin. The website provides an introduction to the medical center, therapies offered and the curriculum of Dr. Luis Miguel Martin.

In terms of web design we have sought a clear and visual website. The play of colors, turquoise and white, with wide margins between elements provides with brightness and relax without leaving the visual codes expect to be found in a sanitary environment.

Round photos with wide margins refer to the idea of focus, point, concentration and serenity. The photographic language and typography and headlines seek proximity to the user. Light textures of header and footer provide a degree of warmth.

As regards online marketing, we focus on SEO. The search engine optimization SEO is reinforced with a website constantly updated in combination with the choice of a domain that includes the major search words.
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