27 / 05 / 2014

Web design and online marketing for Psychiatry Barcelona

Web design and online marketing for Psychiatry Barcelona
Psiquiatría Barcelona is the website of the Psychiatry Dr. Luis Miguel Martin. The website is a corporate presentation of the medical center and incorporates from all the wide range of services and therapies offered by the center to the curriculum of Dr. Luis Miguel Martin.

The website does not want to be another page of a psychiatry center but offering more contents of interest to pacients. Following this, the website includes a news section featuring articles and medical assistance as well as tips to patients and theirs.

In terms of web design, we have sought a web design that generates empathy and credibility away from the classic boring and distant image of any medical center. This has worked with a wide range of blue and green colors to convey seriousness, beauty and sense of relaxation. The use of fonts and circular shapes reaffirm this communication line.

As regards online marketing, we have developed a powerful SEO strategy. Following this, the choice of the domain has not been casual, and we have chosen a domain that includes the main keywords of the business. This strategy will accelerate SEO strategy and we expect to get results quite quickly.

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