07 / 02 / 2014

Web design and online marketing for RSD

Web design and online marketing for RSD
RSD is a cloud computing company located in Barcelona that offers virtual desktops and cloud computing to businesses of all sizes. The advantages of its services are: security, mobility, flexibility and profitability.  All these added in combination with the fact that it is a technological service had a strong influence in the web design of the website. The site incorporates the corporate image of the company that has shifted from its traditional blue to a warm, dynamic and related technology color like the orange. In addition we have used the strong use of icons and typologies that give to the design a more technological and modern touch.

The RSD website incorporates a corporate presentation along with all its range of services and advantages. It is also a platform for customer support  with news and FAQs.

As regards online marketing we are focusing exclusively on the SEO of the website for keywords such as  cloud computing Barcelona o escriptoris virtuals Barcelona. The company works primarily in the area of Barcelona and that is why we are focusing  SEO geographically.

Finally, the choice of domain is a key factor for SEO and we have guided the customer in the choice of its domain.

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