Web design and seo for Dingonatura
Updated: 04 / 04 / 2022

Web design and seo for Dingonatura

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
Bruno Díaz
Marketing Manager
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Dingonatura means specialists in natural and GMO Free food for dogs and cats. The success of its best-known brands like Natura Diet, Dingo, Mhims, Moments, Bocados o Healsty has led the company to a steady expansion through Europe. This strategy has been reinforced with a heavy investment in R&D and design of its products, from their composition to a modern packaging. According with this strategy of growing abroad, the website for example is in 9 languages, Finnish and Greek among them.

Web design has sought to give a new impetus to the brand image of the company and its products. We have sought a web design that focuses in showing the large variety of products of the company and always highlighting concepts such as healthy and natural food for dogs and cats.

The intensive use of iconography helps to understand the composition and benefits of products, while adding a touch of modernity to the overall design of the website. The use of modern typography reinforces this message of up-to-date website while. Deserves special mention the product page and linked to the section recommended diet for dogs. The website also features an internal area where customers can place orders.

Regarding programming, the large number of languages and encodings, combined with the development of the recommended diet section have been the main challenges of the project.

Dingonatura has also hired us to carry out all the online marketing strategy of the company. SEO will capitalize most of our efforts. At this point, the main difficulty will be that users tend to search for dog food when the company refuses to label their products with this words... We will then only use synonyms when working the seo for this particular keyword and it will be a real challenge.

Apart from SEO and within the online marketing strategy, we will give special importance to social media. They will design contests and promotions as well as offering fun and outreach content to its customers.

Content creation by the company will be of paramount importance for the SEO. However, it is one of this markets where it is very easy to write engaging content that can grab the attention of visitors.

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
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