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We present you our new web project we've already published. It's the web design and web programming for BCNSH, a company of equipment for hotels. It's an e-commerce adressed to the hoteliers (although many of the products could also be of interest to other hospitality operators) where they can find all supplies for hotels, such as products for hotel room, luggage rack, garden furnitures, lighting for hotels and so on.

Regarding web programming, this e-commerce presents a technology developed by La Teva Web, and it's a Google friendly sit in every aspect of web programming. For the management of shopping cart, we have added a visual effect that is activated when a product is added to cart, which helps to make a purchase clearly on the page. The complete and simple backoffice of the page, developed by La Teva Web, allows the client to manage website content and the orders easely.

A key element of our online marketing strategy for this project is the SEO. As SEO experts in Barcelona we have made a thorough study to determine which keywords we are interested to positioning, finally opting for position as generic words concepts as equipamiento para hoteles , equipamiento hotelero , or suministros hoteles , and also come secondary keywords for each category.

On web design, it is a very clean web, prioritizing an easy navigation and identification of products. We have worked with a base color according with corporate logo colors: blue and gray, on white background. By combining color and white space, we have tried to give an image of reliability and safety. We have limited the use of blue in the web, just when we want to highlight and capture the attention of the user, as the featured prices and offers. Despite the wide range of products, the organization and hierarchy of information, as well as the iconographic set for different categories, allow the usuer to find the product looked for. The product can be found by browsing categories, but also by throught the web search engine we've introuced.

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