Web design and SEO for Institut de l'Estrès IDE

Web design and SEO for Institut de l'Estrès IDE
IDE website

Treat stress and fight anxiety

How to deal with stress and anxiety? In the Institut de l'Estress (IDE) they help people in doing so. The IDE has a group of experts in treating anxiety and stress with the mission of  inform, guide and assist people in the treatment and prevention of anxiety and stress.  Institut de l'Estress (IDE) has its central offices in Barcelona city.

We have developed the new website of the IDE, paying special attention in providing a corporate web design. With this aim, we have kept blue and brown colours of the logo, which have combined with effects and backdrops in cream and gray. For the election of the typography we have chosen Source Serif, which provides the reliability that the center wants to convey to its visitors. For sliders on the home page we wanted to find the contrast of two types of images: in the first pictures in black and white, show people with stress and anxiety; and second images in color, showing people that have already learned how to fight stress and anxiety at the Institute of Stress. We have also used profiles of people of all ages, since the range of potential patients in the IDE is very broad.

As regards SEO and online marketing we will work with words such as  como combatir la ansiedad como combatir el estress , t that could we translated into English as how to fight stress or stress treatments.
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