Web design and SEO for Invermix
Updated: 09 / 05 / 2022

Web design and SEO for Invermix

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
Bruno Díaz
Marketing Manager
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Invermix is a company with over 20 years of experience in buying and selling residential and office buildings in Barcelona.

We have made the design and programming of the website. The website incorporates the corporate presentation of the company and displays a catalog of their investments and divestitures. With a clear international vocation, the web is offered in English, Spanish and Catalan but it will be pretty soon available in more languages.

Web design focuses on enhancing the reliability, elegance and efficiency of the company and its relationship with Barcelona. That is why we have used many photographs of Barcelona at night, which provides the whole design with a different and modern touch. The use of the corporate colors of the company -black and gold- and modernist backgrounds emphasize the concept of luxury made in Barcelona.

Regarding web programming, the website includes most of the buildings in Barcelona being sold by Invermix.

As regards online marketing strategy, we will focus in the SEO of the website with the aim of achieving top serps for keywords such as edificio en venta Barcelona or building for sale Barcelona for each language and combined with the area or district of Barcelona.

The website has been designed using web responsive design in order to be properly displayed on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and helping us in achieving a good seo.
Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
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