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Web design and SEO for Scribens

Web design and SEO for a graphology center in Barcelona.

Graphoanalysis is an advanced technique to discover your personality

Scribens graphology is a center offering graphology services to businesses and individuals. One of its growing business is the use of graphology for advice on finding partners and conflict management in couples through graphoanalysis.

The website communicates their services and shows the resume of its professionals, being the website the main channel of communication of the company.

In terms of web design, wide margins and large Roman typeface with a profusion of italics refer to the ideas of mildness, humanity and closeness. Transparency, spot colors and circular shapes of the images pursue the idea of softness, adding connotations of clarity, focus and relaxation. Another highlight of the web design is the iconographic game fine lines and monochrome that refers to the idea of discipline as something technical, synthetic and concrete.

As regards online marketing, the project is complemented by a SEO strategy in major search engines.

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