Web design and SEO for Zignia Design

Strategic planning on Internet for this company of jewellery design in Barcelona
Zignia Design

Author's jewelery made in Barcelona

It is a pleasure to present you our new web design project. It is an online store for selling jewelry, custom jewelery. Zignia Design is presented as "a space for creating contemporary jewelry located in Barcelona where emotion with creativity, originality and style".

In the field of web programming, it is a very functional and easily navigable website. The organization and hierarchy of the contents, product info and the purchasing system have been adapted to the needs of the product and the customer requests only. Also keep in mind and it is very important that this website is 100% responsive and easily manageable by the customer. The online store has different sections, beyond the product purchase: it has a blog, and a form to request the creation of a custom jewel. The website is available in two languages: Spanish and English.

In relation to web design, we have presented a website in line with the trends in the field of women's fashion today: with white backgrounds (or very clear, as we used ocher supplement) typefaces thin black colors gray, very discreet. This design allows us to base giving the maximum prominence to the product, and in this case also the photographs of the models with custom jewelry Zignia. 

In the field of SEO we have implemented all the technological standards to create a Google friendly website. For SEO have also made a study of keywords, from which we have chosen to work the SEO keywords joyas originales and joyas de autor, adding a keyword for each category: diseño de joyas o joyas de diseño.
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