Web design and web programming for Van We Go Campers

Website and programming for Van We Go Campers, a camper van company for renting and renting out.

Camper rental

VanWeGo Campers is a small business founded in 2018 by Chris and Matthias. They decided to set out on new routes, to get to know each other and to make people enjoy the experience of travelling with a camper van. VanWeGo identifies with values such as: freedom, different designs, environmental responsibility, closeness and transparency. 

To make them known, we have created a customised web design according to their needs, transmitting at all times to the user a clear image of the values with which they feel identified. 

For the design of the website, it is a casual but at the same time fun design, but following the chromatic range and corporate image of the company. We started with the colours of the company's corporate image, with green tones, where colour has been used in: backgrounds to divide the different blocks, buttons to attract the attention of users who land on the page and finally for the typography and icons of the website. Two different typographies have been used which are more identified with the company, on the one hand the headlines have used the United Sans, and on the other hand for the long texts of the web we have opted for the Avenir Next. Different shapes have been created, where these details have been inspired by the VanWeGo logo. In the background we used different photographs to show the company's product, playing with sections and blocks of text with transparent backgrounds. 

The most important thing is that the user understands and identifies with the company and its values. With images and videos we try to convey good vibes and the experience of using a Camper. 

When the VanWeGo website is ready, we will carry out the entire SEO process for Spain and Germany. At La Teva Web we are an SEO agency in Barcelona specialised in Local SEO. Do you also need to position your company in the first search results? Trust us and we will achieve for you the success that your website deserves.
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