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30 / 07 / 2018

Web design for Deflex USA

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Webdesign Deflex USA

Deflex USA is a company that has specialized in the manufacture of dental prostheses. He has more than 50 years of experience as dental technicians, with the aim of offering a complete system of injected dental prostheses. Currently has different locations, Argentina and Brazil, in addition to USA.

So far, at La Teva Web we had worked with the client to create the Deflex website in Argentina. Now it's the turn of the North American.

The web design follows the same line as the sister website in Argentina, clear colors within the scale of the blue combined with the white to highlight the images of the products. The web page is a responsive web, making it adapt to all devices, be it a PC, a mobile phone or a tablet, in this way, the user experience improves considerably.

In the product sheet we have enhanced through images, their features and functions to help the user to distinguish between the different prosthetics that Deflex works.

The structure of the website is divided into two menus: corporate and product. The main one is found together with the Deflex logo, while the corporate logo can be seen in the line just below the header. In the corporate, categories have been created according to the information that appears: who we are, distributors, news, videos of practical cases and download relevant documentation for the user.

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