28 / 07 / 2014

Web design for Lottery Online

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Web design for Lottery Online
Web design and online marketing for an online lottery in Barcelona. The aim of the platform is two: first to attract new customers -individuals and companies- outside of Barcelona, and second, improve the communication and management tasks with its current customers.

The website of The Lottery Online is divided into two main sections.

The first section consists in the design of a corporate website that provides all corporate info of the project and news. The main objective of this section or website is to conduct a powerful online marketing campaign focused on social media marketing and SEO. This strategy will attract a major number of users to the website.

As regards SEO, we are going to work with keywords such as lotería online and lotería navidad.

The second part of the project involves the configuration of a platform to play online that is provided by a third supplier.

In terms of corporate image we have undertaken the creation of the logo and brand identity with its application manual.

In terms of web design, we have sought to combine an image that brings dynamism and credibility. We have also worked a web design that it is not too far away from the corporate image of State Lotteries’ website. Following this, we have worked with warm colors like orange combined with blue.

We have also developed a news section in order to generate a lot of interesting content that will help in our SEO strategy.
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