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Web design for Ravasi Ibérica, developed to show the corporate identity and values of the company. The website is simple, clean and professional, using the corporate colours. On the website there is information about the company, its services and products, as well as its objectives as a company.
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Industrial products for lifting, transport and renewable energies

Ravasi Ibérica S.L., is the current representative in Southern Europe of Tecno Elettrica Ravasi SRL. It is a company specialised in the control and safety of industrial machinery, as well as offering industrial products for elevation, transport and renewable energies.

The new web design of Ravasi Ibérica shows the corporate image of the company TER, as it makes use of the yellow and black colours, distinctive of the sector to which it belongs.

The website can be navigated in both English and Spanish, and has been developed using PHP technology (programming language). It offers detailed corporate information together with a wide portfolio of products, including endless limit switches, pushbutton panels, sensors, rotary manifolds and joysticks.

In addition, services such as conveying, lifting, automation of all types of machinery and renewable energies have been included.Taking into account all the aspects mentioned above, the design of the new website has been created with the aim of improving the user experience as well as usability and accessibility.

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