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04 / 08 / 2015

Web design for Smalletec, developer of generators for data buoys

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Web design for Smalletec, developer of generators for data buoys
We present you the new project of web design and development we have published. It is smalletec.com, the website for Smalle Technologies. This is a company that develops ew methods of making the most out renewable and sustainable energy sources to address energy supply shortages of off-grid devices. They develop generators that transform the energy contained in the waves into electricity to supply power to off-shore devices. Its flagship eForcis, a generator specifically designed for AtoN and ODAS buoys.

In the web layout we want to express the identity of the company: modernity, technology, cleaning and sea. Then we present a modern and clean web, where everything breathes. From the logo, with technologic typography and waves in two blue, we built the web design. We also wanted to convey a very corporatist web, because it is a new company needed to make branding actions. The backgrounds of the web refer to the waves, and the cleaning represented by renewable energies. The fonts we chose are serif for the technology sector, and with wide eyes, which give space and transmitts cleaning. The set of texts and pictures we wanted to reinforce with an iconographic game to highlight Smalletec services and strengths as a company.

In terms of SEO, we will work the SEO keywords that the client considers strategic for its project: data buoys, odas buoys, cage aquaculture, and aid to navegation buoys.

Finally, in terms of web programming this web is programmed with HTML, PHP, MySQL databases, technology js., The use of CSS and XML Google sitemaps. This involves a web without bugs, optimized for Google and responsive. We have also develop the Twitter channel integration with the website, in harmony with the web design.

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