14 / 01 / 2015

Web design for Tartadictos Ecommerce

Web design for Tartadictos Ecommerce

Addicts to cupcakes and custom cakes

Tartadictos is a family company born out of a passion for baking and cooking and has a store in Barcelona. The company has hired us to design an online store or e-commerce that has to become the leading creative cakes shop in Spain. The shop has become a meeting point where customers can find tips and tricks to easily use the ingredients and utensils that you purchase at the online store.

Tartadictos specializes in providing with ingredients for cupcakes, muffins and other desserts. That is why there has been a web design inspired by traditional American cupcakes shops with pink as base color throughout the design and the use of biscuits as graphic support.

The final sensation that provides the web design to the customer is a feel of sweetness, detail and even a pinky touch.

Apart from the web design of the ecommerce, we provide the customer with all online marketing strategy. A strategy focused on the SEO for keywords such as tienda repostería online o como hacer cupcakes.

Hope you like it!

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