Corporate website of the Roca Marcual shop. The company is dedicated to the sale of Roca and Teka spare parts. On its website it offers its customers all the Roca, Teka and Grohe prices.
Marcual e-commerce

Ecommerce of toilets and bathroom equipment

Marcual is a sanitaryware distribution company, located in Barcelona. With a wide range of products from more than 75 renowned brands such as Roca, Presto and Teka, Marcual has established itself as a trusted supplier for builders, warehouses and end customers. The company has several Roca shops to facilitate access to its extensive catalogue of sanitary ware products.

Marcual's website not only reflects its commitment to quality and service, but is also an essential tool for management and access to information. Customers can find updated Roca, Teka and Grohe prices, as well as product installation manuals. Likewise, the website stands out for its self-manageable design, programmed in PHP with MySql databases, which allows for constant updating of the company's services, news and offers.

In terms of web design, Marcual has adopted an approach that balances the professional and the accessible, following the brand's current corporate image manual. This design is not only fresh and attractive, but also resonates with the type of products the company offers, reinforcing its image as a leader in the sanitaryware sector. The corporate website, especially dedicated to the sale of Roca and Teka spare parts.

Additionally, in its recent redesign phase, special emphasis has been placed on reaching a premium audience. With an elegant and sophisticated style, the design seeks to convey an exclusive and high quality shopping experience. Work has been done to highlight the specialisation in Roca brand products, which is presented as an added value for both professionals in the sector and private customers interested in high-end bathroom refurbishments.

The navigability of the site has been carefully designed to be intuitive, with search filters, well-defined categories, a search engine and an efficient menu, all focused on improving the shopping experience and facilitating access to an extensive catalogue of products. In addition, a satisfactory user experience has been prioritised, with high quality images and detailed descriptions that facilitate an informed and efficient purchasing decision.

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