Website for Inmoaxis, a real estate of industrial buildings and offices in Barcelona. Includes multiple search engines with a variety of filters.
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Commercial real estate marketing consultancy

We have designed a website for Inmoaxis real estate. The company sells and rent industrial warehouses and offices in Barcelona.

The web platform, programmed in PHP, is connected to the CMR of the company for the management of properties and its publication on the website among many other websites.

The website incorporates multiple functionalities such as search engines with filters, interactive maps, lists, microsites builders and industry news connected to the major social networks.

Users can save their favorite lists, share them via email, twitter and facebook or send them to another person who in turn can edit this list. You can also save custom search results to access at a later time and quickly get other properties that meet the required characteristics.

As regards web design, we have focused on rejuvenating the corporate image of the company offering a modern and usable website.

Iván Cuéllar web designer
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Iván Cuellar — Web designer
With countless designs made at La Teva Web, I'm not just looking to make "beautiful" websites. We always provide our clients' projects with a vision focused on their needs and the user's. Without neglecting web design trends, which evolve every year.

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