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The web design project for Jhuertas is focused on creating a modern and functional digital platform that meets the specific needs of property management in both horizontal and vertical ownership.

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Rent, purchase and sale of apartments in Barcelona

Website for property management in horizontal and vertical property. It offers rentals and sale and purchase of flats in Barcelona. It also offers legal services, management of companies, inheritance and tax procedures. The website has been designed as a real online office.

The site is clean and organised, facilitating easy navigation and quick access to information. The structure is intuitive and well-organised, allowing users to easily find the main sections of the site. The menu includes direct links to services, company information, contact details, and a private area for clients. A prominent section of the website is dedicated to detailing the services offered by J. Huertas, both in the management of properties in horizontal ownership (homeowners' associations) and vertical ownership (rental buildings). Each service is clearly explained, outlining its benefits and processes to help potential clients understand how they can benefit.

There is a section for articles, news, and guides on topics relevant to property management. This section is regularly updated to provide useful and current content, helping clients stay informed about the latest developments in the sector. The website features an easy-to-use contact form where users can send their enquiries or request additional information. Additionally, direct contact details, including phone number and email, are provided for quick and efficient communication.

The site is optimised for search engines, enhancing its visibility on Google and other search engines. This helps attract more organic traffic and establishes J. Huertas as a reference in the property management sector. The website is responsive, meaning it adapts perfectly to any device, whether a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. This ensures an optimal user experience regardless of the device used to access the site.

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