Web design, online shop and International SEO for the USA for The End Chik
Updated: 06 / 07 / 2022

Web design, online shop and International SEO for the USA for The End Chik

Barcelona female web designer
Celeste López
Graphic designer

The End Chik is an online shop specializing in the creation of fashion jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones for both women and men. Cris has gained her inspiration and experiences living amit Barcelona and New York.

Moreover the ecommerce allow customers to customize their own jewel. Following this you can get an unique and special jewel just for you.

Web design for The End Chik

As regards web design, we have used white and black colors that provides to the whole project a touch of elegance and sophistication. We have also played with the colors of precious and semiprecious stones of necklaces and bracelets in order to add a touch of colour.

As regards content, we have issued a blog where the artist will explain to all people interested in jewlery how jewels are made and all the ideas that inspire her creations. With this blog we can also provide google with something he loves: fresh and updated content that will help us to rank at the top of its search results.

The web is provided in 2 languages: English and Spanish and we will target the US market.

What kind of online marketing strategy has been followed for The End Chik?

Regarding online marketing and social marketing, we will focus mainly on Instagram, since their product is very visual and fashionable.

As we mentioned previously, it is a multi-language website targetting above all the US audience we will focus on concepts such as fashion jewelry, necklaces, bracelets i men’s jewerly.

If you want to have a fashion jewel made of precious and semi-precious stones, please visit the website The End Chik you will enjoy it!

Barcelona female web designer
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