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Literaryagencyresponsible forthe representation ofnational and internationalwritersandproofreading.
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The web design of the literary agency Página Tres has been created by La Teva Web.

La Teva Web has designed the new website of the literary agency Página Tres. This agency represents writers in Spain and abroad, providing literary consultancy services and editorial reports.

The purpose of Página Tres is to help writers on their creative path until they achieve the desired publication of their work. On the other hand, they also work in the communicative management between creators and publishers.

Página Tres literary agents select and evaluate the creators they receive and advise writers on the benefits of the various possible distribution models.

The proposed website has a completely corporate style and contains a web design inspired by the classic book layout image. All the strength of the communication is based on the black and white colour scheme that harmonises with the red tone of the agency's logo. The use of photographs in the web design has been avoided in favour of clarity and minimalism.

The website contains a portfolio of the agency's services. Information related to their offer as an agency, consultancy, and literary coaching company.

On the other hand, we can also access information about the news and posts that the company has generated in its own blog. We can also consult information on each and every one of the writers who have been represented by the Página Tres team and their published works.

From the website, we can directly access the company's social network profiles through the Facebook and Twitter icons.

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