Web design and programming for Camar

New web design and custom programming project, later SEO positioning for Camar, marble manufacturer in Spain.
Web design and programming for Camar

Marble manufacturers in Spain

Camar is a family business, they are marble manufacturers in Spain and seek excellence in every project they are presented with. 

For the company, we have made the web design and custom programming, the aim of Camar are their interesting projects, where the design that is raised allows a structure that shows the importance of their projects and their customers, where the web is highlighted with photographs of all their work. 

The general idea of the web design is to transmit quality, seriousness and tradition. The implemented typography aims to unite contemporaneity with tradition. The main one used is Vollkorn, a serif typeface with a lot of personality that brings solemnity, seriousness and prestige. On the other hand, Work Sans, used for the longest texts on the website. The colours used are black, which is used as the background of the website to make the photographs stand out, and gold to highlight small details. Finally, the photographs on the website are images of projects and samples of the materials used by Camar. 

Currently there are two languages on the website so that SEO can be carried out in both countries, Spain and the UK.
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