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Northdeco, the designer furniture replica store, arrives this year in England. For this, the brand has released a new clone of the web for its English version:

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Designer furniture replica store

Northdeco, the designer furniture replica store, arrives this year in England. For this, the brand has released a new clone of the web for its English version:

To start in this new market, Northdeco has decided to trust La Teva Web to carry out its SEO and SEM online marketing strategy so as to gain visibility in the English market.

Today we bring you the organic positioning work done for the new Northdeco online store. Specifically, we want to reveal the most important aspects to take into account when positioning an online store in the English market.


How to do SEO in England

The strategy to achieve a good SEO strategy in England has been based on the following pillars: keyword study, translation, adaptation and content creation avoiding duplication, local link building strategy and other technical processes.


Keyword Research adapted to the UK

The study of keywords carried out at the beginning of our organic positioning strategy allows us to correctly understand the search intents and the characteristics of the country or region where we want to position ourselves. From this study of keywords, we can draw a list of concepts to position as "designer furniture replicas" or "designer chairs". Afterwards, we can create and configure the structure of the new website.

At this point it should be noted that, although England and the United States share the same language, the way of speaking, and consequently, the search intentions are different. We will have to pay special attention to the expressions and words used in the United Kingdom, and flee from literal translations.


Unique content

When we publish a clone of our website in another language, we should never simply translate literally all the contents of the website. We have to adapt the vocabulary, the way of presenting it and even the topics covered.  As we have clarified in the previous point, the search intentions of the users differ from one place to another. Connecting with our target audience will help us improve the relationship with our potential customers, creating trust and achieving more sales.


Inbound link strategy

Carrying out a good link building strategy will help us increase our visibility and attract new customers faster. To do this, we must find local high quality websites (with local IPs) that are in our sector.

These are just some of the first tasks to follow for our SEO positioning strategy in England. But our work does not end here. In addition to the regular creation and optimization of content, it is important to closely follow all the technical processes of the web that influence SEO: UX, loading speed, indexability of the web, tags, images ...

If you are looking for visibility in the foreign market, do not hesitate to contact us! At La Teva Web we help you expand your business with winning SEO strategies.

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