Web design and seo for Integral Urology Unit Barcelona

Web design for an urological clinic located in Barcelona, leader in its field.
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They provide a solution to urological and andrological problems

Website design for Integral Urology Unit, a unit of urology located at the Diagonal Clinic of Barcelona.

This is group of highly qualified urologists and specialized in providing solutions to the main and most common urological problems, and offers both consultation and urological emergencies.

In terms of online marketing, we will begin to develop a SEO -search engine optimization- strategy to achieve top positions at Google. In order to do so, we've made a study of keywords and we have chosen to work the following keywords: urología Barcelona, urólogo Barcelona, o urgencias urología Barcelona.

As regards web design, we started to design the logo of the company. Taking into account the client's needs and the sector we are approaching, we designed a logo that we wanted to reflect kidney function. We present a kidney with the corporate colors of the company, a medical reference colors but also in modern language, usually related to the technology sector. Through the logo we wanted to convey an image of the art in the context of the sector. In fact, it is a kind of logo that would work well, for example in a mobile application. Globally, we have achieved a modern and different site within the medical sector. This modern look is enhanced by the use of an iconographic game and large blue and green photographs to catch visitor's attention. In order to combine modernity with corporatism, we have retouched the pictures for a montage with white in combination blue and green, the two corporate colors of the new logo.
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