20 / 03 / 2015

Web Design Vila Hermanos

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Web Design Vila Hermanos
Vila Hermanos has become the leading manufacturer of luxury perfumes and candles using, noble materials such as vegetable waxes and timeless traditions, providing its clients with a premium quality product. We are in charge of their web site design and online marketing.

Vila Hermanos is a company that provides sensations through its high end perfumes and candles. Vila Hermanos takes great care of detail and quality of their products and this must be transmitted in all its online communication. Therefore we have worked out a premium web design where details and modernity were concepts of paramount importance.

In terms of web design, black on white with large reserves of the latter provides with a relaxed elegant and clean environment combined with evocative images of products and its visual universe. Second, the symmetry of the set refers to the strength of the brand and the subtle balance of fragrances that underpin the products of the firm. Fade animations also provide certain ethereal air that has to do with the nature of fragrances. The Roman typeface holders evokes the elegance and warmth handwriting character.

As regards to online marketing, we will focus on SEO and social media. In terms of SEO, the words " luxury candles " and " personalized candles " are going to focus our efforts in a very first moment. In terms of social media, we are going to work  first on Facebook and then we will enter into google +, youtube and twitter.

We hope you like it!

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