Web design, web programming and SEO for Massive
Updated: 05 / 07 / 2022

Web design, web programming and SEO for Massive

Marc Berenguer SEO copuywriter
Marc Berenguer
SEO copywriter

Massive is a company that offers different companies to rent sound equipment in Barcelona, as well as lighting and speakers for the events that will be held. He has more than 20 years of experience in areas such as events, production, galas, theater, music and conventions. And they work with major reference brands in the sector such as D & B Audiotechnik, Clearcom, Midas, Martin or Shure.

For this project we have designed a very clean and clear website. To achieve this we have opted for the burguer style menu, red relief icons and a fine and stick style typography. We also present projects with elements that give the impression that the projects float on the website. For this last concept, it has been a challenge for our team of web designers to work in different browsers, as well as the tablet and mobile.

Thanks to the web programming that we work on LA TEVA WEB makes the web page go faster, that is, the web loads much faster in the browsers and a greater seo optimization is achieved compared to other CRM templates.

At the level of online marketing, we will work together with the client to position the web in Barcelona, ​​so we have agreed on concepts such as Barcelona sound rental or Barcelona speaker rental, to improve visibility on Google and get more traffic to the web.

We invite you to visit the Massive website

Marc Berenguer SEO copuywriter
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