Marketing online and seo for Coral Yachting
Updated: 04 / 09 / 2022

Marketing online and seo for Coral Yachting

Isidro Vivas, web programmer
Isidro Vivas
Web programmer
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Coral Yachting was born in 1978 commanded by Michael Leifheit and Salvador Valero. For nearly 40 years, the company is dedicated to offering to its customers the best service when dealing with boat rental in Ibiza and sales of boats in Ibiza. Not only that, Coral Yachting is also well known for assessing clients in discovering all secrets of the wonderful island of Ibiza.

La Teva Web has carried on with all programming of the website and marketing online. The challenge was to implement the web design that incorporates transitions and different intended movements. As a result, we get a website with a powerful aesthetic charge that attracts the customer from the very first click and communicates the solvency and professionalism of Coral Yachting.

The website is a 100% Responsive web design and we have also developed a content manager system that allows Coral Yachting to manage all the website in real time.
As regards online marketing, we are going to focus on SEO so as to achieve lots of visits and boost business for our client. We are now working with keywords such as boat rent Ibiza and yacht charter Ibiza.

Accordingly, if you plan to travel to Ibiza to enjoy this wonderful Mediterranean island do not miss the website of Coral Yachting. I am pretty sure that their boats and yachts and other services will meet your expectances.
Isidro Vivas, web programmer
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Isidro Vivas — Web programmer
From Barcelona and a web programmer by profession, I do not close the doors to any technology. I have developed custom projects through dedicated programming, and also using standard tools such as Wordpress and Prestashop. In any of these cases, my goal is to provide the best solution for our clients.

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