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Website for Invent Farma, an API supplier and API manufacturer.
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In this project we have work in collaboration with a major agency such as Pentagram, known as being one of the top design agencies in the world, with an optimal coordination between the two agencies.

The Group Invent Farma is a vertically integrated company that has become a leading  API supplier and  API manufacturer with a staff of over 400 employees, including 80 graduate professionals working in R&D and several facilities worldwide. Its customers for products such as formoterol, salmeterol or arformotorol include leading European and Japanese companies in the respiratory field.

Laboratorios Lesvi, Inke and Qualigen are major subsidiaries of the Group Invent Farma. The website is organised in four main areas: the group and each one of the subsidiaries, paying special attention to corporate information and API and generics products.

The web design offers a clean and white image with an American touch that can be appreciated in the use of large images and big typographies so as to offer an international, serious and fashionable corporate image. As regards online marketing we are focusing in SEO, working with keywords such as API manufacturer, formoterol , salmeterol or arformotorol .

The website is web responsive design with two breakpoints. The site has been optimized for resolutions of 1220 design but also displayed without any problem to computers with smaller resolutions, in addition to smartphones, tablets and other devices.
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