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Marketing online. Yahoo! buries its web directory

Marketing online. Yahoo! buries its web directory
In January 2015, Yahoo! directory, one of the directories of websites for excellence, has been closed by the company. It enhances the current trend of the disappearance of directories having as main function to help online marketing companies to improve SEO of their websites through backlinks. It is a matter of the past when people preferred to search through web directories instead of search engines.  We can say that the major web directories have passed away very much in line with the improvement of Internet search engines. It seems that the human presence to review sites, add a description and validate your entry in the directory  is no longer necessary. Following this, Altavista and Yahoo! directories have passed away and there is only in a state of permanent coma.

The company had announced that those companies paying to appear in the Yahoo! directory will be upgraded to a "better" service: or Yahoo! small business. we have visited this new service but we still don't see the improvement.
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