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27 / 11 / 2012

ZUBR Web Design

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ZUBR Web Design
Pivovar Barcelona is the exclusive distributor for the ZURB Czech beer brand in Spain.

ZUBR is the quintessential Czech brand of beer and one of the top sellers in your country. It is a traditional beer brand entering the Spanish market this year.

The website shows the full range of ZUBR beers, their characteristics and flavor notes. It also includes all brand awards and information about ZUBR factory, news and promotions of the brand.

The web design has focused on giving a modern and very visual layout, in line with a young and sybaritic audience. One of the innovations in web design is the use of responsive web design, which involves the use of content organization and smooth images to adapt the website to the device, environment or web user's screen.

Finally, LA TEVA WEB will be responsible for all online marketing and social media strategy on social networks like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter for the brand.

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