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Alliance Facebook with IBM

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Alliance Facebook with IBM

The Facebook tool for advertising, Facebook Ads, is improving day by day to provide that your company can reach the desired audience. Experts in online marketing should be very aware to their changes, as ads on Facebook are a key part of our strategy in social media.

One of the most notorious novelties of Facebook in 2015 is the alliance of Mark Zuckerberg's company with IBM, an alliance that revolves around maximizing data for the personalization of campaigns, one of the most precious aspects in the field of online marketing.

Through this agreement, IBM and Facebook want to ensure that personalized advertising campaigns reach "the right people" and "at the right time". According to Deepak Advani, CEO of IBM Commerce: "Brands understand the growing need to provide to customers powerful and personalized experiences to feed loyalty."

Both Facebook and IBM say that through this agreement "better results for the people" will be achieved. Online marketing professionals can, therefore, a more concrete picture of their target audience, and could then also move the Facebook campaigns to other channels (physical stores, websites or apps).

Thus, Facebook became the first company to join IBM Commerce THINKLab the IBM division for research and collaboration with other companies which work with brands, with the intention of developing new technologies to customize the customer experiences.


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